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Yell County’s Preferred Termite Control Service

Termites are incredibly destructive and can cost homeowners thousands if left undetected or untreated. Our team here at George Termite & Pest Control is ready to act quickly to keep your home or business termite-free. Let our experts recommend a termite control and prevention plan that’s specific to the unique structure of your property, saving yourself from the stress and expense that termites bring.  

Signs It’s Time to Call a Professional

Minimize damage to your property by knowing the signs of termites. Blisters in wood floors, hollowed or damaged wood, and termite pellets near entry points are telltale signs it’s time for termite control. Termites can easily go undetected, which is why scheduling an inspection with our professionals at George Termite & Pest Control is important. 

Prevent Termites in the Future

Effective preventative care can help to stop an infestation from occurring. Annual inspections will identify excess moisture and wood-to-ground contact that could lead to an infestation if not addressed. Removing access, reducing food sources, and eliminating excess moisture are steps you can take yourself, in addition to enlisting the expertise of a professional technician.  

Affordable Service Agreements

We’ve made it our mission to keep our termite control services affordable for our clients. Comprehensive termite and insect control is our specialty, and we use our decades of experience to customize our approach. After a thorough inspection, a technician will walk you through our recommendations and answer your questions. 

Your Single-Source Solution for Termite Control 

See for yourself why we’re the area’s go-to termite control service. Request your free estimate or schedule your appointment by calling George Termite & Pest Control today. A technician is more than happy to answer your questions!